Accounting Bookkeeping Postcard Samples

Accounting Bookkeeping Postcard Samples

Accounting Tax Postcard Samples on this page can provide ideas and inspiration for your practice. Whether you do seasonal tax preparation or year round bookkeeping and accounting, our coaches can help you design the perfect accounting direct mail postcard that will generate new clients.

Accounting Direct Mail Postcard Samples
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Accounting Direct Mail Postcard Samples

Check out our accounting direct mail postcard samples but remember, all of our accounting postcard samples are custom designed. We provide a “No Risk” Design Guarantee. After we send your initial accounting postcard samples, you can make as many changes as you like (without charge) until you are completely satisfied. Revised accounting direct mail postcard samples proof is sent after each change.

Our bulk mailing postcards come in different sizes: 4″x 6″– 6″x 9″ – 8.5″x 7″and 6″x 11″. Our Direct Mail Postcards for Tax Preparation businesses are UV Coated and are printed on premium 14-point card stock creating a professional piece that looks and feels first rate.

Our full color Bookkeeping Tax Postcards are perfect for including photos of your accounting / tax preparation business. Start with an exterior shot so that prospects in the neighborhood will immediately recognize your location. You can also personalize your bulk mail postcard with photos of yourself and members of your team.

To attract new clients you need to include a strong incentive on your bulk mail accounting and tax postcard. Remember not to measure the success of your campaign by only a clients’ transaction, but rather by the amount of future business he will generate in the future and referrals he may send to you.

Want a second opinion on the special offers you plan to include on your accounting and tax postcard? Have a question about one of the Accounting Tax Postcard Samples shown? Give us a call at 866-594-3069 and speak directly to one of our coaches for a free postcard design consultation.