Opportunity Seekers Mailing List

Opportunity Seekers Mailing List

In this economy there are thousands of folks looking for ways to earn extra income. The opportunity seekers mailing list can target those prospects. Combine the list with a custom designed postcards and mail them on a regular basis to create a steady lead flow. One of our coaches can show you how.

In addition to providing up to date mailing lists, we are a one stop shop for direct mail services including custom design, printing, mailing lists and mailing service. To plan your campaign check our our full service postcard mailing prices.

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How to Create an Opportunity Seekers Mailing List

  1. The first step is to define your primary geographic market area by zip code, city, county or state.
  2. Then use demographic selections to target opportunity seekers that match your ideal prospects.
  3. Find out how many prospects are within your market area that meet your demographic criteria. Then adust the market area (reach) to get a count that will fit your mailing budget.

Opportunity Seekers Mailing List For Sale

Price: 10¢ per address – $100 minimum order

The compiler of our Opportunity Seekers Mailing List is Acxiom a Worldwide leader in Consumer Data Management.

Opportunity Seekers Mailing List  Selections 

Use the selection criteria below to create your list. Need help? Just ask one of our Coaches.

Included in 10¢ Base Price:

  • Name
  • Postal Address
  • Opportunity Seeker

Demographics Available at Additional Cost:

  • Income… 2¢
  • Age… 2¢
  • Marital Status… 2¢
  • Homeowner… 2¢
  • Renter… 2¢
  • Gender… 2¢
  • Email… 9¢


Opportunity Seeker Direct Mail List: Format & Delivery

Opportunity Seekers Direct Mailing Lists will be sent by E-mail in Excel or CSV Format. Mailing Lists can also be sent as a PDF formatted to run standard Avery 5160 3-Up Label Sheets.

Peel & Stick Labels Are Available
Add 3.5¢ per address (Includes shipping)

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Use Your Opportunity Seeker Direct Mail List to Send Postcards

Order 1000 Full Color, Custom Designed 2-Sided Postcards:


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4″ x 6″ Postcards can be mailed with a 34¢ First Class Stamp. Just drop them in any mail box, you are in control.

Opportunity Seekers Mailing List Count Request

Fill out the form below to find out how many deliveries are in your market area.

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