34 a week challenge

A Direct Mail Advertising Campaign just about any business can afford…



Step 1 – Place an order for:

1000 Postcards = $138
and a List of 1000 Addresses = $50

Postcards are custom designed and $50 covers a neighborhood saturation list. One of our Direct Mail Coaches will help with design ideas and mailing list targeting

Step 2 – Purchase a
Roll of 34¢ Stamps

You can get a roll of one hundred 34 cent stamps for just $34.

Don’t worry they are self adhesive you won’t have to “lick” them!

Standard size postcards 4″ x 6″ can be mailed First Class with a 34¢ Stamp. You can drop them in any US Mail Box.


Step 3 – Mail 100 Postcards a Week = $34

If you mail 20 postcards every business day it will add up to…

you’ve got it: 100 Postcards x 34¢ = $34

Repeat the process for 10 weeks and you will have mailed all 1000

That’s the $34 a Week Challenge!

Successful advertising requires consistency and to be consistent you need a budget. This plan is a great place to start. Keep it up – mail every week and you will start to see a steady flow of new prospects.

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